Sunday, November 25, 2007


listen to this record - could be the blueprint for a band like BOMBENALARM! this should be a split 12" between AMEN 81 and BURNED OUT but as AMEN 81 just offer some live recordings that, like 99,9% of all live recordings, no one needs, I left out the AMEN 81 tracks and filled in 2 BURNED OUT songs from a 7" comp.

edit: files taken down cause they just released a discography 12" - buy it!


  1. hi,
    really awesome blog!
    is it possible that youcan re-up the burned out - geballte ladung 7"?

  2. The correct tracklist is:

    01 Aus dem Leben
    02 Raus aus dem Ghetto
    03 Was ist Punk?
    04 Kauf oder Stirb
    05 Feinde erfinden 1
    06 Ein paar Gedanken
    07 Verdammt
    08 Haut ab!
    09 Feinde erfinden 2
    10 Zwecklos
    11 Taufe
    12 Schwarz auf weiß
    13 Feinde erfinden 3
    14 Scheiß doch Bulle!
    15 Straßen in Flammen
    16 Aus dem Leben
    17 Tod und Hass
    18 Der Bär und die Ente 1
    19 Der Bär und die Ente 2
    20 Alles abstreiten

    Enjoy it!

    Marcus B.O.

  3. track 21 & 22 are taken from the 3 AKKORDE FÜR DIE FREIHEIT 7" comp. on SCHANDMAUL rec.! that´s why there are 22 tracks! AMEN! p.s.:is it true that BURNED OUT are active again?

  4. not really, but we played 1 gig in hannover in 2005 and the other members played a few more with a different bassplayer.
    there will also be a compilation-LP with all songs we ever recorded on DPG records early next year.
    let's wait and see...

    Gruß, Marcus