Saturday, January 26, 2008


as many people asked about dead DIVSHARE DL-links...DIVSHARE told me this:

Dear Pope,

Thanks for using DivShare. This is a reminder that you've used 100% of your account's monthly download allowance. Your download tracking will renew on Feb. 16, 2008. Until then, your files will remain online, but no one will be able to view embedded media or start a new download.

this means: I´m way to nice as too many people download from my blog! now you see to what such behavior can lead? I told you to leave a comment if you would have done as you were told...maybee now you would not have to wait!

the files aren´t down! you just have to wait!


  1. DivShare can eat a bag of dicks...

    I though they were my fave hosting site, things were going good for a bit there when all of a sudden they decided to delete my account.
    Contacting support will get you zero response, either.
    Fuck those dudes.
    A million people host their blogs there, and they zap my fucking files - LAME.

    (Good luck with them, Pabst).

  2. divshare guys found a way to earn some $$$$ from people who will upgrade their accounts (upgrading in the only solution to solve this shit),
    i m in 60% because i started using 4shared and i got chills on my spine when i think of every free server starting the divshare policy


  3. if they think I´ll upgrade and pay they should do their homework better! I´m the boss of an organisation that never pays if there are other ways! will split my uploads in the future! AMEN

  4. Bastards need to face up to a noisepunkrockboycott! Oh yeah, that will probably make agreat difference huh!

    Good news is that gets about 1 download a week ha ha ha...

    Keep up the fight for a free freedumb!