Saturday, December 25, 2010


one band that's around since 2002 but always flew under my radar till 2010 is KNIFE FIGHT which totally surprised me with their ISOLATED 7" on PAIN KILLER REC. that is so good I bought their other two 7"es and their 12" within 4 weeks after having heard them for the 1st time. this is their self-titled 11 song debut 7" on MY WAR REC. from 2003. even though it's not as good as their later stuff it's still a great 7" and already gives you a hint on the potential KNIFE FIGHT have and offers you some vicious raging HARDCORE - what more can you ask for? click the cover to d/l! password = mean.


  1. Hey Papst KF sind echt geil.Werde demnächst einen KF Discographie Post machen habe einen arschvoll von ihren Platten zuhause stehen.

  2. 2te 7" is auch schon gerippt - kommt im neuen jahr...

    gibt doch nur 4 KF platten?`3 x 7" 1 x 12" od. hab ich was verpasst?