Sunday, October 2, 2011


there's this guy from New Zealand called Sam who seems to play the guitar or sings in at least half the HC/PUNK bands that are located there. he was/is in SHORTLIVED, SCAB, ROGERNOMIX, METH DRINKER, POLICE LINEUP and most likely some others but as that's not enough to keep him busy he also runs a record-label that's called ALWAYS NEVER FUN on which he has released SHORTLIVED's debut 12" amongst other stuff. he's also released the 6 track debut 7" of his new band ROGERNOMIX in a ltd. edition of just 150 copies which sold out quick. while Sam only handled the vocals in SHORTLIVED he sings and plays guitar in ROGERNOMIX at the same time. ROGERNOMIX is a 4 piece that features Sarsha, SHORTLIVED's bassist on, you guessed it, bass, a drummer and another woman as 2nd vocalist. the dual male/female vox make ROGERNOMIX sound quite "crusty" but that suits them really well! check out ROGERNOMIX if you like your HARDCORE fast & pissed off! click the cover to download! the password is mean.

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