Thursday, June 28, 2007

...and now: BACK TO NIPPON!

GAUZE from tokyo is one of oldest japcore bands and I think they`re still active today.

this 7" was released by prank in 1996. it has 6 songs of ripping japcore the way it was meant to be! this is pure musical brutality with a top notch production!

sad but true:
if you didn`t speak japanese GAUZE didn`t feed you with much information on their earlier releases and they continue to do so on this one!
just the english names of the 2nd & 3rd song, that`s all the information you get!


  1. the very rough translations of the track list is:
    1:deep snow hill
    2:low charge
    3:pressing on
    4:to the mouthless corpse
    6pulling teeth