Friday, June 29, 2007


ULCER once again one of the best bands that have ever existed! at least in my book! this CD claims to be the complete discography and has the tracks from the 2 split 7"es with FAILURE FACE and CAPITALI$T CASUALTIES, the 10 songs from their 7" on FETUS Rec. in 1995, the songs from the INDIGNATION 12" released by BOVINE Rec. in1998 and a complete live set but the 2 tracks from the AUDIO ESPIONAGE 8" comp. are missing! it seems to be a rule of thumb that the "complete discography" of a HARDCORE band has to have songs missing and is only released on fucking CD! in ULCER's case I couldn't care less as I got everything on vinyl but as I just xeroxed the artwork of the CD I ripped for this post you might notice that the quality of the scans isn't A+! this Cd was also released by BOVINE Rec. and re-issued by S.O.A. Rec. for Europe. the cover on top (click it for the artwork) is the cover of the "BOVINE-version" the small on the right side is the cover of the re-issue. music-wise ULCER were more than just music (at least for me) they were hate transformed to music! fierce, angry, aggressive HARDCORE played at breakneck speed! their singer Aaron went on to STRAIGHT TO HELL and PAINDRIVER after ULCER broke up!


  1. The lovely CHOKE ON IT is missing on the lyric-sheet:

    Enjoy the taste, the taste of death. The smell of cancer is on your breath.
    Choke on it, your fucking addiction makes me sick. It's blown in my face, invade my space with fucking smoke.
    Exhale disease and take a toke. Selfish motives with every breath.
    "Alive with pleasure" means my death.
    You have the right to destroy yourself, but the shit you exhale destroys me as well.