Monday, December 24, 2007

S O R R Y !

I have to say sorry to the singer of KONTRAATTAQUE who was so nice to send me their demo to post it here, which I nearly forgot cause of the shit with my HD! would have been a shame as KONTRAATTAQUE rock! fast HARDCORE, should I say CRUST? with a GRIND edge here and there and dual vocals! they sing in spanish but provide english translations of there lyrics! read the lyrics to RICHARD GERE and explain `em to me!


  1. Richard Gere seems to be about the roumors that he's gay, has gerbils shoved up his arse etc - all of which he denies with zero sence of humour.

  2. Hey pope's very thanks for this demo, KONTRAATAQUE are a really nice band and so representative chicano's/latinos feel in U$A system.
    i heard this band in 2 recordings more, a 4 way split with Chicana's band from california called "Latinoamerica resiste" an d a split with spanish Anarcore band SIN DIOS.
    but Jorge (Vocals) singing in other proyect (and 3 o 4 more band's)called MIERDA PARA TODOS ("shit for all"). a nice Grindpunk band.
    Thanks for demo....
    el Krustie!

  3. jorge was the drummer of mierda para todos, me (lalo) was the singer for kontraattaque and mierda para todos....abou richard gere song, it was just a joke song, it was rumored that richard gere shoved a gerbil up his ass...but you know famouse people, they get away with murder...

  4. oh shit Lalo apollogies my confuse, your have reason...Jorge are drummers...
    and YOU! sing in a 4 best proyect i know
    i'm krustie from Extreme Noise Magazine (Osvaldo Tello partner's) from Chile Hermano.

  5. thanks for this
    maybe its only me but song 1 and 7 didnt work
    ray ss

  6. just checked it and they worked for me?