Friday, April 2, 2010


another record that Mr. Apocalypse was involved with as a musician was the new SANGRAAL 7" called FATAL COORDINATES. well, not that Mike wouldn't have told you already everything you need to know on his blog but as this is the 1st release of ROCK COCAINE RECORDS (which b.t.w. is the most brilliant name for a label I've heard so far) and Mickey runs his label the old-school way which means that you've to stuff some cash (7 U$D/10U$D p.p. U.S./world) in an envelope which scared a lot of people that are only used to e-mails and paypal I thought it might be a good idea to tell you that, in my case, Mickey was super-fast in shipping my records! if I'm not mistaken I had the records in the mail only 9 days after I dropped the letter with the cash at the post-office! plus I was super stoked to finally hear SANGRAAL's follow up to their WOLVES OF ARMAGEDDON 12" (the 1st record I was ever offered a blowjob for re-upping it b.t.w.) from 1998 which is among the records that stood the test of time and still gets played on a regular basis. honestly speaking: if you'd have asked me before Mike's post about the new 7" how I'd consider the chances for another SANGRAAL vinyl to ever see the light of day would be my answer would have been "next to 0!" but here it is in form of a 5 track 7" that was well worth the wait! Mike wrote "5 new songs of barbaric violent thrash similar to KVIKKSOLGUTTENE and early DODHEIMSGARD" in his post about the 7". while I agree on the musical description I might add that he forgot to tell you that it's more like 4 new SANGRAAL tracks and a 5th track you may or may not have heard before. I noticed that I knew said track already as soon as it came through the speakers of my stereo but I leave it up to you to figure out the details! don't know how many have been pressed but I know you should stuff some cash in an envelope and send it to Mickey who can be reached through the address on the bottom!

Rock Cocaine Records
P.O. Box 1402
Tempe AZ 85280

on a side-note: Mickey does wholesale for 4,50 U$D (5 or more copies!)
add 13,50 U$D for flatrate postage to Europe for 5 or more copies!

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