Friday, April 2, 2010


ok, here you'll finally get some music to download! some time ago Rawter who runs a great blog called TROUBLE ON YOUR SYSTEM posted some of his record wants on his blog which included the SHANK / THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE split 7". as I had 3 copies of that 7" anyway I offered a trade and NO MAN'S SLAVE's discography tape which was ltd. to 100 copies, is sold out by now and called YOU NEED TO START THINKING MORE ABOUT YOUR FUTURE was among the stuff I got through that trade. the tape has the 5 tracks from their split with I RESIGN from 2009, the 15 tracks from their SIEGE MENTALITY 7" from 2008 and 10 tracks that appeared on 2 self-released tapes in 2008 and 2009. the split 7" and their debut 7" have been released on GIVE PRAISE RECORDS and should be still easily available if I'm not mistaken. I therefore excluded the tracks from their records and just included the tracks from the tapes as they are sold out. music-wise people are quick to slap the INFEST tag on NO MAN'S SLAVE which in my opinion doesn't really do them justice! they do a LEFT FOR DEAD cover on their debut 7" and a BLACK FLAG cover on their demo and the influence of those 2 bands is as noticeable in their sound as that from INFEST. anyway d/l and check them out yourself!

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