Sunday, August 15, 2010


as both tracks from the SHIN TO SHIN / PULLING TEETH split 7" are also included in the A389 Records compilation one can d/l for free I think posting them here too won't hurt anybody's feelings. anyway, this was supposed to be a split 5" and I assume it ended as a 7" cause the SHIN TO SHIN track runs 2:55 which is 30 seconds too long for a 5". as I got a weak spot for 5"es, etc. I'd normally be really pissed off that it was released as a 7" instead of the 5" it was supposed to be but this split is an exception! I've already told you before that it contains only one track from each band 7". and while the PULLING TEETH track is far from being bad and has everything you wish for if fast metallic (obviously SLAYER influenced) HARDCORE is your thing it's no match for the inferno SHIN TO SHIN unleash! I never doubted that Aaron Melnick would let me down with his new band but I'd have never thought that he could pull off something like this! this is the most perfect mix of G.I.S.M. and Clevo styled HARDCORE I've ever heard and every fucking second of this track slays! I even like the artwork! more of them please! click the cover above to d/l!

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