Monday, August 30, 2010


another sweet split 7" released by SPIDERGHOST PRESSGANG in 2006 on brown vinyl is shared by NEVER HEALED and VIOLENT MINDS and is called: ARMOURY OF FEARLESS TRUTH AGAINST WHISPERING RUMOR. truth be told I mainly bought this cause of the VIOLENT MINDS tracks as their self-titled 7" really fucking rocks but NEVER HEALED are no let down either. in fact I even like their 2 songs better than the 2 VIOLENT MINDS songs. I remember a discussion I saw on the web about NEVER HEALED and their views cause of some modified NS-artwork they've used on a live-tape (I think) but I do neither remember any details nor where I saw it cause of this I'll stick to the facts: this split hasn't any shady artwork (neither does the other NEVER HEALED 7" I got) and the lyrics are also clean. if anybody has more info - fill me in! d/l button down below!

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