Thursday, October 7, 2010


a few days ago the OFF THE DISC box surfaced at my place. the box was done by Thomas Mölch who now runs DEAD END RECORDS but used to do a zine called MEGAWIMP and OFF THE DISC RECORDS together with my "special friend" Erich Keller and brought you stuff like INFEST's SLAVE 12" and MORBID ANGEL's THY KINGDOM COME 7". as I have been stupid enough to sell my original copy of the MORBID ANGEL 7" more than 10 years ago I was really stoked to get the re-mastered re-release in my hands. truth is the box contains 5 other 7"es. 4 x re-releases from the 7"es of DEMISE, ABC DIABOLO, SLEEP and RUPTURE plus a comp. 7" which didn't make it back in the day and does NOT suck that features a track from DISRUPT, MINDROT, BATTLE OF DISARM, MONUMENT and DEFORMED CONSCIENCE called LOST IN TIME... ARMAGEDDON IS HERE besides the (re-mastered) MORBID ANGEL 7", some stickers, an INFEST poster and in case you were lucky enough to score one of the 100 pre-order copies also an INFEST shirt but I only bought it cause of the MORBID ANGEL 7" even though the DEMISE 7" and RUPTURE's RIGHTEOUS FUCK 7" are also called classics nowadays and the ABC DIABOLO 7" or the comp. 7" are no let down either! I wouldn't need the SLEEP 7" cause they suck in my book and I most likely will never play that 7" again and I guess I also could live without the INFEST shirt cause the "WHERE'S THE UNITY" pack-print kind of spoils it for me somehow. I couldn't care less about unity you know! not that anybody else would care though... well, at least the INFEST poster and sticker for which the original layout from way back in the days was used still look good today. as the box was ltd. to 400 only copies of which 100 served as the pre-order edition incl. the shirt (pre-order edition is sold out) you should hurry up tracking down a copy of the box if you don't want to buy it from someone for an arm and a leg on ebay later.

back to MORBID ANGEL's THY KINGDOM COME 7": if my memory serves me right the re-mastering makes it sound a little bit cleaner than the original pressing but it still sounds raw as fuck and it didn't take away anything from the brutality of the 2 songs! as far as I'm concerned this 7" blows anything they released later out of the water. seriously, it's on heavy rotation here since it's arrival! you best bet would be to contact Thomas himself I guess. he can be reached via:

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  1. Any information if that Monument-track is unreleased yet?
    Had all of these,the last one sold actually was ABC D.
    I agree with the Infest-shirt,would've rather liked "sick-o", "fetch the pliers" or "head first",wait "iran scam"