Tuesday, October 5, 2010


this is the vinyl version of EXTORTION's demo tape + 2 extra tracks released on COFFIN CUT RECORDS in a ltd. white label edition of 500 copies. the cover above is the regular cover the cover below is the cover of a special edition called LAUNCH that was ltd. to 100 copies and sold at a show only. when I ordered 2 copies from the label I got both versions and a letter that said: "Sorry, dude I ran out of regular covers so I send you one copy with a Launch-cover!" nothing to complain about, right? well, in theory that's true but in reality it doesn't really matter when both 7" surface so wrapped they can hardly be played at all cause they are only sent in an envelope without any cardboard to back them up. seriously if you run a label you should know how to pack your stuff! if you have any doubts how to do that properly I suggest you order something from VEDA VU and take a close look at the parcel you receive (a look at the packaging of their releases won't hurt either! trust me on that!). while the regular version comes in a white dust-sleeve and only has stamped "SIDE A" on the label of, you guessed it, side A the LAUNCH version comes in a red dust sleeve and has EXTORTION stamped on the label of side B and the inlay is not only a xeroxed piece of paper but printed on glossy paper normally used for photos. the 10 tracks from their demo have been recoded on 4 tracks and therefore sound even rawer than the recordings on the TERMINAL CANCER 7" and also incl. a cover of BLACK FLAG's FIX ME. the rip sounds a little bit strange on some parts that's cause the records are wrapped, sorry! a better high quality rip would be highly appreciated here!

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