Saturday, May 28, 2011


another christian moron trying to safe me:
blessed holy socks said...

You apparently don't know the cool Jesus. If you did, you'd have a whole lot better take on God than your worthless angst which might putya in Hell for spouting-off your wimpy rants against the Almighty. You just have an attitude, dude. Me, too, only I git people to look up rather than the whorizontal; I used to be a hardcore punkUation, too, except I saw the Light and Jesus wanna gotta save this sinfull mortal overly conformed by the world without Holy Mass. Rise-up, brudda. Overcome. We only have a short time here... and then we croak. If you don't know Jesus, you're toast. Jesus will give you every, #@!!, opportunity to know Him in your weeeee lifetimes. One of 'em is, ta-da! me. Last point: only 2 realms after death... and 1 of 'em ain't too cool. You definitely know which one THAT is, don'cha? If you don't, God bless you.

well, I don't know why you made that comment on this post as there are a lot of posts where it would have been more on point but as your comment highlights the fact that you are a moron of the highest degree I guess I shouldn't be surprised! you're right, I don't know "the cool Jesus" cause I don't need any imaginary friend like Jesus nor any god. I don't fear to be put in hell therefore I neither know what "angst" you're talking about nor do I have any idea what the "wimpy rants" should be! I'm not sure if I really get what the rest of your retarded comment should bring across but as far as I understand it you're trying to tell me that you've been HC/Punk till you saw the light? sorry, but if you're not now you never were! period! you've always just been a hardcore moron no matter what you thought! trust me, it's as simple as that!


  1. LOL. For a dude who's all high and mighty and thinks he's better than others just because he believes in old fairy tales... he sure does not know how to spell properly.

    Guess "The Cool Jesus" skipped basic grammar.

  2. perhaps the idiot is just all high... that would at least explain some things...

  3. Amazing ! I'm jealous, never had such an awesome comment.

  4. WOW.wish i would attract such a retarded crowd.hopeles and helpless.i hope i wont meet him in any of those realms he is talking about.

  5. ah, another Christian who doesn't appear to have much of a personal relationship with his saviour, whose God is only external and rarely internal, whose salvation is tied in to pitying other people rather than finding the glory in thier own life.

    Nice hubris that one of Jesus' way to know him is through this guy. You'll probably find a more meaningful redemption under a rock...

  6. What I find infinitely more silly and illogical is that the author of this blogs seems to almost exclusively mock Christianity, when it's quite evident that Islam constitutes a considerable greater danger. Why is he not slandering and mocking Islam and its phony prophet? Too much of a coward for that?
    I mean poking fun at Christians does not require any courage. They are easy targets. I would find it considerably more courageous if you would criticize the homophobic, women-hating, violent religion of Islam.
    The facts are quite clear: Mohammed lead a considerably more immoral life than Jesus. The man had at least 10 wives, married a 6 year old, started wars against unbelievers, and ordered the assassination of his critics. Christians may have practiced violence and oppression throughout history, but Jesus, whether you believe he was a messiah or not (I don't believe he was), did not preach violence and oppression. This is a fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity.
    Why don't you criticize Islam (or other religions for that matter)?

  7. @ James:

    "the author of this blogs seems to almost exclusively mock Christianity... Why is he not slandering and mocking Islam and its phony prophet? Too much of a coward for that?"

    that is cause a) this blog is mainly about music and I haven't come across any muslim HC bands yet and b) I hate christianity more than any other religion. as simple as that.
    plus the fact that Mohammed lead a "more immoral life than Jesus" would score him extra points if I'd believe that Jesus would have really existed and wouldn't think that Mohammed was a little bit mental cause of the angels that talked to him.
    on a side note: according to the bible Jesus DID preach violence. not like Mohammed but since Jesus is a sun deity and Mohammed was the spokesman for a moon-god that's not such a big surprise!
    anyway, if you can point me to a muslim HC band I'd be more than happy to mock it too!

  8. 1) If you state that you hate Christianity more than any other religion and have no rational explanation for that hatred, well...that's not very logical and somewhat funny, since one of the arguments you attribute to religion is irrationality.

    2)"Jesus is a sun deity" ??? never heard about that.

    3)obviously later versions of Vegan reich were islamic. There is in the US a movement called Taqwacore.( )
    .muslim hc and punk...not too sure about the musical quality of that shit, but I'd love to see you mock the Prophet and his religion with the same fervor that you mock christianity.

  9. @ James:

    1) how do you know that I have no rational explanation?

    2) then I suggest you do some research on astrotheology.

    3) obviously I couldn't care less about VEGAN REICH but I admit that now that you mention it I remember that I heard that before.

    and about the TAQWACORE thing: I had no idea about that shit. thanks for mentioning that. not too sure about the musical quality of that shit neither but I don't think it's my cup of coffee music-wise.