Saturday, May 14, 2011


I thought that it's about time for another post about the "Kings of Punk" a.k.a. POISON IDEA therefore here's their OFFICAL BOOTLEG double 7" (you just have to love records with typos in the title). well, the two 7"es are housed in a gatefold cover but come without any inserts and only deliver 1 song per 7" side and all of them, except PLASTIC BOMB, are only covers that also appear on other releases as well. as most of the cover songs POISON IDEA recorded during their career aren't exactly among the best shit they did honestly speaking most likely nobody really needs this one but it also doesn't hurt to have it. click the cover to download! the password is mean.
on a side note: as the labels basically all look the same and only differ through the song title on each of them I only scanned one of the 4 labels.

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  1. THANK YOU!!! I always liked this version of plastic bomb better than the LP version.