Saturday, December 24, 2011


what would suit X-mas better than the ABORTED CHRISTIANS /POLICE LINEUP split 7" which is called DENOUNCING THE CHRIST PIG? yes, that's right: none! both bands hail from New Zealand and this split is their first vinyl appearance. it's ltd. to 200 copies which came with 2 different covers. ABORTED CHRISTIANS are GAWJ minus drummer Sean plus the drummer of WASTELAND and deliver a fierce mix of GRINDCORE, BLACK METAL and HARDCORE with a raw sound quality that really fits their sound. POLICE LINEUP is a 2 men POWER VIOLENCE outfit with Sam from SHORTLIVED, METH DRINKER and ROGERNOMIX on guitar and vox. not really as good as SHORTLIVED or ROGERNOMIX but still solid though. click the last pic to download. the password is mean.


  1. Cheers. Grabbed one of these, but thanks for letting me listen first.
    That AC alternate cover is sick as fuck!