Thursday, December 29, 2011


I don't think that I've posted anything that I've released on my label IDONEUM BELLO RECORDS here till now but as mp3 rips of the two 7"es below have been posted on other blogs in embarrassingly poor quality I thought that it would be better to upload quality rips of them myself.


SHORTLIVED are another New Zealand band worth checking out. Their MINDROT 7” has 8 great tracks of raw, fast & pissed off Hardcore that is influenced by bands like DROPDEAD as well as old U.S. Punk/HC bands. 7 own tracks and a cover of ANGRY SAMOANS’ “Lights Out” as icing on the gravy!


KALI hail from Canada and this 7" contains the 8 tracks of their demo. Fierce POWER VIOLENCE with a strong anti-Christian stance! Considering the fact that the youngest member of KALI is only 16 this is more than awesome! A review said: “Short and chaotic tunes like HELLNATION, DROP DEAD, CROSSED OUT running amok on a nice and warm summer day after taking an overdose of LSD.” That is a poetic but accurate description!

archives incl. the artwork - click the covers to download!

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