Friday, February 10, 2012


with the permission of SICK/TIRED's bassist Kirk and COWABUNGA's CEO Nick here's SICK/TIRED's self-titled 1st 7". that 7" shows that SICK/TIRED have made a huge step forward as a band. the 7 tracks, which have been recorded by Andy Nelson from WEEKEND NACHOS @ BRICKTOP are way more brutal than anything they did before. FASTCORE as it was meant to be played by former members of MK-ULTRA, EXALTED, WEEKEND NACHOS and others. if you doubt my words listen to the re-recorded version of DEATH IN CALIFORNIA which originally appeard on their split 7" with COFFEE RAGE from NZ. if I'm not mistaken the white / black mixed vinyl is ltd. to 100 copies you can only get directly from COWABUNGA if you don't get it as a present from Kirk like I did - thanks for that once again - that is! if you like your HARDCORE fast and furious you should click the cover above to check out the 7" and if you like it you should buy it! there's a link to COWABUNGA's webstore below!

SICK/TIRED have also released a 2nd 7" called THE LIFETAKER on PRGNT RECORDS and IDONEUM BELLO RECORDS plus another split 7" with OXBAKER on SCHIZOPHRENIC RECORDS!


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