Thursday, February 2, 2012


a while ago I was lucky enough to snatch the 3rd part of the WITCHES SABBATH series, on which PULLING TEETH do a cover of POISON IDEA's ALAN'S ON FIRE for just 6 U$D. when I found the 7" in my post box a few days later without the usual customs bullshit I suddenly had the strange thought that this was almost too much luck for one 7" which was absolutely the case as I figured out only minutes later cause the 7" arrived quite wraped and also has what's called a reversed groove (needle runs from the inside to the outside) and so can hardly be played. the 2 things together make the needle jump off of the 7" into the off. when I told the guy from which I bought the 7" about it's shape and attached a picture to proof my claim he was really cool and refunded me at once. lucky me, again, right?! so I tested my luck and thanks to my turntable and a little effort from me I really was not only able to play it at least once but could also record it. you'll get a rip of that recording when you click on the cover even though that's not the best sounding rip I ever made. the password is mean.

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