Thursday, September 20, 2012


ok, here we go again: I know that the HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH / SIDETRACKED split 6" is sold out cause COWABUNGA's CEO Nick told me that the 2 copies I got together with the 7" test press of this split were his last 2 copies. truth be told I'm not so much into SIDETRACKED. they aren't bad and they know how to handle their instruments but it just doesn't click you know. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH on the other side are one of my favorite bands around. they are fucking awesome! 5 new hits from Boise's # 1 band! click the cover to download. password = mean  


  1. I LOVE both sides of this album. So fucking good.

  2. Think he told you a story, you can still order copies of this out of his webstore and put up to 18 copies into the cart.

    1. hm, I don't think Nick is the type of guy that tells stories. thinking about it the "last 2 copies" thing could have been about the 2 CHAINSAW TO THE FACE 7"es as well?

  3. Hi dude my name is Pulce and i sing in a skatecore thrash band called YOU SUCK! from Italy.

    I'd like to send you some stuff to hear/review.
    Our newest ep "SHIT HAPPENS" is finally out and we're spreading the word!
    Also, we just recorded a new flexi ep called "I just can't relax", and it'll be ready in a couple of weeks.
    It's very expensive for us to send out all the copies thru mail, so i wonder if it's ok for you if i send you a file with our music, lyrics, and all the pictures of the layouts.

    this is our reverbnation page:

    here our fb page

    thanx in advance for your time
    Pulce/You Suck!

  4. btw: i posted this comment because i am dumb and couldn't find a proper email contact!
    sorry, this is not spam at all!


  5. God bless you Papst, fantastic post!