Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I needed Hideyuki from BEYOND DESCRIPTION to tell me how GANJI is written with our letters as their bandname is only written in kanjis. he told me what it means too but I can´t remember. the other band on this split 7" is GAIZI. as the record title TOTTORI CITY HARDCORE and the kanjis point out both bands hail from Nippon and what do you expect from 2 japanese bands? if your answer is JAPCORE you´re right! this 7" was released by MCR rec.


  1. a japcore record is always an interesting record...
    by the way:pope have you posted Excruciating Terror-vision of terror tape? no the first one post but the other one you email-ed me and i said i m expecting for you to post it first and then after a short time (and "without shame" hehehe) to post it in Crust-demos.
    and i m asking you because a blog search gives nothing about this demo here but since you use not just the title of the record for post title its much difficult to find it and in case you posted this before it must be hidden somewhere in the very back back pages...and i m too lazy to search 500 posts one by one.. :)

  2. Lets start "The Duplicational Punk Blog Post Appreciation Society", members of which do not have to worry about posting stuff posted elsewhere. I am all for it. ANyone interested? Join over at

  3. no I didn´t. someone asked some time ago and said I´d finally post it but I forgot to do so... I added labels for every band so blog searching is easier now!

  4. Labels...oh yes, once I was supposed to start doing that too - adding mine now (since thankfuck I managed to delete all the old shit, fresh start)...and fresh computer as of today! YES! CREDIT BONANZA!

  5. oh i see, it ok since you find one post of what you search then you find them all.
    i have my posts sorted by country of origin and appears in the side bar
    if you want your labels to appear, you do this: Customize/Add a page Element/Labels

    there you type some (not all) of your labels(band names) and when you save it all labels will automatically appear, (i think it works so, a new country appears automatically in my label list each time i post a band from a country that there isn't there before)

    thats it....

  6. thanks, for telling me! but I won´t add the labels to my sidebar. I just made labels to make it easier for me to fix dead links. no more extra comfort for the lazy punks! as it´s always the same people that comment I was thinking about switching to the visitor unfriendly track by track upload too. they are lucky I´m to lazy for that but if the comments won´t be more... who knows? maybe they´ll comment if they got a reason to whine and cry? hehehehe

  7. ok,i see about the label thing.
    comment feedback is always the reason to go on,its the answer to the question about how they appreciate what you do.
    track by track upload is doom for everyone, sometimes i think about Erich 0f Goodbad music or Stig of MadBlasts of Chaos:how the hell do they upload one by one each track?...

    its raining outside, time for some wine and song...

  8. oh, my good friend erich who called me a shitty kid with a shitty blog and accused me of stealing most of the stuff I post on my blog and doesn´t feel the need to tell me what I should have stolen where even tough I wrote him an e-mail and asked him how he comes to this conclusion...