Thursday, April 3, 2008


from Hamburg/Germany out of the holy trinity of SCREAMER, SLIME and TARGETS here´s the TARGETS 12". this 3 piece consisted of 3 guys that played in SLIME and I can´t understand why I didn´t listen to this record for something like 10 years! this is great DEUTSCHPUNK like, you guessed it SLIME. it was one of the cheapest records I ever got as this was a present from a guy called Thomas Koch who was one of Germany´s 1st PUNKS and nice enough to provide me with some tapes full of extreme rare stuff back in the days. TARGETS had two 7"es too that might be posted tomorrow maybe...


  1. Oh my god!
    You know the name didn't ring a bell before.
    Now that I see the album cover...
    I had this album.This is great stuff!!
    Very cool,thank you my friend

  2. no problem! maybe I´ll rip the SCREAMER 12" someday to complete the holy trinity!

  3. ThankYouThankYouThankYou for this! Targets (along with VKJ and Vorkriegsphase) were some of the earliest German bands I heard back in The Daze which really won me over. I've been hoping to hear this and the EPs again for a long time now... alas, the vinyls were lost years ago. This is like meeting an old friend again. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. at your service! ah, VKJ their 12" was a bit of a letdown but the double 7" really kicks ass!

  5. This is really good - I only listened because you said "SLIME" and I am very glad I did.

  6. once upon a time there was an irishdave who said he´d expect me to post lots of your service sir!

  7. Thanks Pope for these Targets posts; previously I only had heard a couple of tracks from them. I gotta dig deeper in your blog but I'm liking it!
    FernandEL ;)

  8. hi you,

    thxx for the up, really oldschool stuff, although i have to tell you, that i was the first punk in germany. *duck and run* :D