Thursday, April 3, 2008


do you remember the Armenian stuff? this time Luk was in Cuba and this time it´s a compilation. DETENIDOS are first with some melodic punk that sounds a little dated in my ears but hey this 7" is 13 years old and I don´t know when those tracks were recorded! on the flipside it´s MEDIUM´s turn for playing DEATHMETAL like they played it in the 80ies. I´d expect Mark Underground´s band to sound similar! then it´s time for COSA NOSTRA that play a weird blend of HARDROCK (high open guitar chords without distortion like GUNS´N`ROSES) and 80ies THRASH before a (I think) pressing error ends the compilation all of a sudden!


  1. Guten Tag, Lou!
    Ich liebe diesen blog.

  2. danke, danke! meinen respekt für deinen blog! es gibt zu wenige die sich um die opfer dieses abschaums kümmern! gute sache!

  3. any screamer papst?

  4. yup, I got the 12". that was released some years ago as a kind of discography or something like that.

  5. any chance of posting it?
    - stiener

  6. yeah, can do that but may take some time cause I have to rip it from the vinyl!

  7. Cool rare record. band didn't sound like any of them.
    Sort of Metal/ voice sounded like a mix of Amebix and Discharge I guess.That is when they didn't try to make me do the stupid high notes lol.

    One day I'll get the crappy demos up.No fear,your not missing a thing :)

    Thanks Papst!