Monday, August 3, 2009


somewhen in the 90ies I was in Schweinfurt/Germany on some kind of festival. I don't remember which bands were on the bill but one of them was YUPPICIDE (one of my all-time fave bands). I was flipping through some distro's records when all of a sudden someone grabbed my arm, started yelling Steve and tried to pull me away from the distro table. the name of the guy was Jesse and he was the singer of YUPPICIDE and the Steve he was calling was their guitarist and the reason for his behaviour was the YUPPICIDE tattoo on my forearm which made both of them go nuts. after they got a camera and took some pics of it I ended up talking with Jesse who told me that YUPPICIDE had already split up and just reformed for one last tour through Europe. he also told me that Steve was doing a new band called FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY and that he was also doing a new band and gave me the demo tape of this band which was called BLAZE CAMO. 4 tracks of HARDCORE/POST-HARDCORE that aren't really bad but are far from being good either. decide for yourself! b.t.w. could anyone rip the FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY 2 x 7"?

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