Monday, August 3, 2009


you may have noticed that I didn't post really much in the last time and I already told you how fucking busy I am, etc... well, that's just one reason the other reason is that there are some things connected to blogging that start to get on my nerves and actually I thought about deleting the blog. take a look here and then take another look here and download both archives you may find them somehow very similar except the one on my blog does contain the artwork that my rips incl. in about 95% of all cases and the other one doesn't. ok, that was just a tape and to scan a tape cover isn't a big thing but it still takes time to do it and I don't spend my time to scan covers, etc. so some stupid asscandle can play the cool guy and pose a little bit! if you want to use my rips go ahead and use them cause they were made especially for that purpose and I also couldn't care less if you give me credits or not but if you use my rips than use the whole rip cause I don't rip stuff for the douchebags out there I rip them for those that appreciate the work and effort that was put in the rips. on a side note: I know that some people that have used my rips didn't download them from here but got them from soulseek... now, listen that's no fucking excuse cause it doesn't matter where you actually got the rip from what matters is to respect other people's work. I made a rip of a split 7" and cause I wasn't exactly sober I misspelled one of the 2 bandnames and when I realized I had already uploaded the archive and as I was lazy I just corrected the name just on the rar file... I know 3 different blogs that have posted this split and cause they put so much effort in their work and are loving HARDCORE/PUNK/THE BAND so much that they posted it with the spelling error I made. which makes me think they probably never listened to it but just d/l it from here deleted the artwork and try to cover that they just got the mp3s and most likely have never seen the record itself. FUCK, bring me the head of such a fucking lowlife on a stick and you'll most likely get some rare records for it! the cunt from the example above would be a good start!


  1. Die meisten Leute wissen die Qualität zu schätzen.
    Hier gibt es mehr als anonyme rar-files, Qualität setzt sich eben durch !
    Kein Grund die Flinte ins Korn zu werfen ;)

  2. Kill 'em all and let a norse God sort them out!!! I had the same problem when I was ripping old VHS shows for trade, people would "claim" the releases as their own. The solution for me was to code a signature in to the video. I hate being asked to link blogs that are absolute shit and all the "Anonymous" cunts who post comments but don't grow a set to leave their names.

  3. I couldn't care less about if someone uses my rips as they are made to be shared and I also don't give a fuck if I get credits for it but what busts my balls is that those cunts that spoil all the effort I put into scanning the artwork, etc. are the same cunts that will deny any involvement in PUNK/HC in some months/years when it's no longer hip! the cunt from the given example has had a blog before where he not only took my rips but just copied the links from my blog.

  4. Funny thing is this just happened on MBOC and some guy (Justin) took the mp3's for the first Drug Problem demo and compiled them inone folder then puts it on his blog and then has the fucking audacity to post a comment and link his blog. Fucker pissed me right off. There were only about 7 of these demo's ever made. gggrrrrr!!!!

  5. kann mich dem count nur anschließen.

    versuch dir die motivation zu erhalten und dich weniger über diese honks aufzuregen.leichter gesagt als getan ich weis...

    du leistest hier aber gute arbeit!

  6. sorry to
    hear about the stupid bullshit. i just discovered your blog. i've been stuck at home sick and have nothing to do but lay around and listen to music so your blog has been great!!! i want to let you know how much your work is appreciated. i can tell you put a lot of work into all of the high quality rips, the cover scans and info about every release. i for one, am grateful for those things.
    i was also wondering if you have any born/dead or artimus pyle that you could upload. i can't find their stuff anywhere!

  7. Best blog on the internet hands down.

  8. thanks to all of you!

    @ Chris & Count:

    hab mir auch schon überlegt den blog zu privatisieren dann hätten sich nämlich auch die 58 leser von denen nicht mal 1/4 auch nur nen kommetar abgegeben haben erledigt!

    @ Kyle:

    thanks for your kind words. I could rip some BORN/DEAD for you but as their stuff is on PRANK and Ken doesn't want his records to be posted on blogs and I respect that you would have to write me an e-mail so I can send you the rip.

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  10. your incredible dude, what you do is appreciated I have bought so much shit I would of never heard of if it was not for you. So for that i THANK YOU.

  11. great blogs like this need to exist because of all the shitty ones out there, i hope a kid will find your post on your blog with artwork rather than on someone elses without the artwork.
    ray ss

  12. I think what you do is great, and I feel like it's really cool that you use some of your free time just to share your music with other people. Too bad idiots are always alive and kicking...
    I think it's the time to send your swiss guards to hunt that bastards out!

  13. @ Fibro:

    to send the swiss guard after people that have brains with holes like swiss cheese would be fun yeah... but the holy inquisition would be even more fun.



    @ Anon:

    "Best blog on the internet hands down."
    FUCK! now, I feel flattered! thanks!

  14. lets see the bright side of things: a blog is great so scums use stuff from it :)
    i m just kidding. to be honest i stopped counting such cases of rips/scans used by others and i don't care anymore, but what could you do when you deal with ignorant and audacious assholes?
    deleting the blog is neither answer nor solution, scums will keep using rips from other blogs while you destroy what you created so long and throw it into the trash can.
    a web friend told me once "internet is a virtual speaker that multiplies everything we do", so let them steal your stuff and expose their narrow minded personas, your work is appreciated by those who can think and that only counts.

  15. Billy, as I said earlier I don't care if anybody uses my rips, scans, etc. as that's what they are made for and neither do I care for getting credits for them.
    if anybody uses my rips & scans I think that my efforts were really worth it.

    but if somebody excludes my scans e.g. I think that the worthless little fuck disrespects my work and efforts.