Friday, February 5, 2010


if you'd ask me if the world really needs a one-sided 2 track HARMS WAY 7" featuring 2 tracks that also appear on their REALITY APPROACHES 12" I'd most likely say : "not really!" but as the screen printed non-music side looks fucking rad and I'm a collector nerd I bought it nevertheless. that said I don't really know what there would be more to say about this little gem? so in case you didn't get it before: 2 tracks of fast & furious HARDCORE by one of the best bands around that came in rad packaging but that you already know if you know the 12". click the last pic!


  1. one hell of a seven inch!
    they have new stuff coming, cant wait.

  2. I totally agree! any more info on their new stuff?

  3. There is a recording of some radio show where they played few new tracks. I can up that if you dont have it. I think theyll have new stuff before/during the spring tour.

  4. the radio show would be highly appreciated!

  5. didnt you post this a wile back.
    this band is great i saw em play in my town, they were great as youd expect. it was a small crowd but whatever.
    they came back but with a bunch of ozfest fake hc bands so i didnt go. hope to see em again soon.
    they got two 7"s i coulda bought the 7''s when i saw em but opted for the lp, i wish i bought the 7''s cuz they are sold out now and the lp is still available.
    oh well
    ray ss