Sunday, February 28, 2010


RORSCHACH's NEEDLE PACK 7" might be my favorite RORSCHACH release cause it's somehow like the best of both worlds. while the tracks have the same power and brutality as REMAIN SEDATE they aren't as weird as the PROTESTANT stuff even though they clearly point in that direction. 3 tracks (and an intro) of hard-hitting and aggressive HARDCORE but more diverse than on their 1st 12". plus the 7" comes in a neat looking gate-fold cover. if I'm not mistaken not all tracks of this 7" made it on their "discography" CD. b.t.w. both full-lengths REMAIN SEDATE and PROTESTANT have been reissued as a 2 x 12" just recently. click the cover o d/l.


  1. Die 7" ist wirklich nicht komplett auf der Disco CD. Das ist mir in den vielen Jahren gar nicht aufgefallen.
    Die Remain Sedate LP ist ein absoluter Killer !

  2. checken irgendwie die wenigsten... keine ahnung wieso?