Thursday, February 18, 2010


a while ago, when I posted HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH's 1st 7" I said that I might post their split 10" with CHAINSAW TO THE FACE as well and here it is. I know that it has been posted on a few other blogs before but I love HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH and as I got the permission of Mr. Lovro who runs COWABUNGA RECORDS to post all his out of print releases with the exception of WEEKEND NACHOS' TORTURE 7" (cause it will be repressed soon) I thought I should post it anyway. as you can see on the pics below I was lucky enough to snatch one of the 170 copies that came on purple marbled wax . as you should be familiar with HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH music-wise by now I'll keep this one rather short and just tell you that they just deliver 6 tracks on their side which is way less than I'd have expected but the quality makes up for that. CHAINSAW TO THE FACE offer you 15 tracks on their side and are no let-down either! they are fast, they are vicious, they are brutal but most of all they are good! check them out!


  1. Super good record. I've been thinking of posting it myself. Mine's black though, lucky you.

  2. thanks for the great music, i missed my chance to see hummingbird of death cuz they cancelled, now i am gonna miss the endless blockade cuz i cant get the day off of work, damn, the endless blockade finally comes to my town.
    oh well.
    ray ss

  3. I missed out on getting a copy of this I fear, and this is my first chance to even hear it - I'm way out of touch!
    Thanks Yr Holiness :-)

  4. first off, let me say great blog! there's too many shit blogs out there that don't take any pride in what they're doing. i.e. crappy quality rips, wrong tags, no album art.... the list goes on. so thanks for all the work you put into this. that being said, i was wondering if you had a copy of the chainsaw to the face / shotgun facelift split tape? if so, could you post it? thanks.

  5. @ irishdave:

    at your service! nice to see you back at blogging!

    @ adam:

    thanks for your kind words!

    I'm sorry to tell you that I don't have the C.T.T.F. / SHOTGUN FACELIFT split tape neither.