Tuesday, September 21, 2010


another POISON IDEA 7" from 1991 I could recently score for cheap. honestly speaking that I got it so cheap was the only reason I bought it cause I already had the 12" version of it which has an additional track and therefore I can't say I really needed this one too but like in many cases having it doesn't hurt neither. anyway on the 7" version you get 2 tracks from the BLANK, BLACKOUT, VACANT 12" area: PUNISH ME which is on said 12" and a total gem plus MARIO THE COP. originally released in an edition of 1000 copies on pink wax hand-numbered and autographed by the band and signed by the cover artist on AMERICAN LEATHER RECORDS. the re-release on VINYL SOLUTION differs from the U.S. version in that the front cover art has a border and the back cover is white on black as opposed to black on white, there are no autographs and it's on purple wax . Also the U.S. sleeve was fold-over. click the cover to d/l!

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