Thursday, September 23, 2010


Nippon's SLANG popped up on my radar when they released their incredible THE IMMORTAL SIN 12" in 2008 on SCHIZOPHRENIC RECORDS after they managed to fly below my radar for ages. but it seems as if they not only popped up on my radar but also on most other people's radars too cause after that 12" they all of a sudden not only did a bunch of splits with well-known bands like MIND ERASER and WORLD BURNS TO DEATH but even have a German re-release of THE IMMORTAL SIN announced... this 7" is the one they share with E.N.T. and even though E.N.T. are way better on their 2 tracks than I expected them to be they are no match for SLANG although their 2 tracks aren't as good as the tracks on the 12" neither. as the split was ltd. to 500 copies and sold out fast you should click the cover to d/l it and decide for yourself!


  1. Hey pope, I'm a long time Slang fan, but totally missed this one. Thanks for ripping and rising from the dead!

  2. you are welcome! guess on whose blog I stumbled over SLANG?