Monday, September 27, 2010


this is the FUCKED UP / THINK I CARE live split 7" that came with the pre-orders of the TOWN OF HARDCORE ZINEOGRAPHY book (in case you don't already own it - buy it!) and was ltd. to something like 200 copies. don't quote me on that cause it seems like nobody knows for sure if there were 200, 300 or even 500 copies made but a print-run of 200 copies is what the majority of people seems to think of as accurate. I didn't even know this record exists until a few weeks ago and on a coincidence I could get my hands on a copy soon thereafter. FUCKED UP's side was recorded at CBGB's 29/05/2006 while THINK I CARE's side was recorded at SOUND & FURY 28/07/2006. both recordings are ok as far as quality is concerned but I like the THINK I CARE sound a little bit better. the packaging is more than minimalistic: a screen-printed blue dust sleeve and that's it! no song titles, nothing! the labels are also only black with hand-stamped band names on them. click the cover to d/l!

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