Tuesday, February 22, 2011


time for another dose of Darryl Kahan! this is FUNEBRARUM's DORMANT HALLUCINATION 7" that's ltd. to 2000 copies of which 1000 are on red vinyl and 1000 are on clear vinyl if I'm not mistaken. let's start with the packaging which is top notch! the 7" is housed in a full-color gatefold cover and has some additional inserts. you can see the brilliant drawing on the backside of one of the inserts on the right and as I don't really get what this drawing is supposed to mean perhaps anybody can spell it out to me? perhaps the sentence "NUKE THEIR ASS!!!" is confusing me? shouldn't that be "NUKE THEIR ASSES!!!"? just saying, not sure though so let's continue with the music on the 7" which is 2 songs plus an intro. honestly speaking I'm not really sure what to think about it. I bought this 7" cause I really like FUNEBRARUM's BENEATH THE COLUMNS OF ABANDONED GODS 12" and while this 7" isn't really bad it's far from being as good as said 12" in my ears even though I couldn't really say why. check it out and decide for yourself! click the cover to download! password = mean.

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  1. FYI: The label who released this record added this insert with the drawing. The band had nothing to do with it.