Tuesday, February 1, 2011


in the MRR review of NUCLEAR CULT's HEIMSPIEL demo from 2009 the reviewer wrote "this is the fastest and angriest shit I've heard in a while" and I totally agree! Berlin's NUCLEAR CULT is SOLID DECLINE with a new vocalist if I'm not mistaken (but don't sound much like SOLID DECLINE in my opinion) which means they got ex-members of Y and PINK FLAMINGOS within their ranks. you'll get 9 tracks of sheer brutality that run between 10 seconds and 1.15 minutes and totally blew me away. the 9 tracks are including a cover of VIOLENT TUMOR's TOOLBOX by the way. as the tape is already sold out as far as I know and they are among the best German bands right now I thought I should post it here. click the picture below to download! password = mean.

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