Sunday, February 20, 2011


I finally got my hands on a copy of HATRED SURGE's 2 track lathe cut 5" a while ago. a record I had on my want list not so much cause of the music but mainly cause of the size and the artwork. don't get me wrong the music is rad GRINDCORE as always but the sound, which I consider important for GRINDCORE on most lathe cuts isn't exactly brilliant and this one is no exception. you'll get 2 different rips one of the 5" and one of the 2 tracks that are on the 5" ripped from their 2005 -2007 CD so you can hear for yourself. I still really love the artwork! click on the pic on the bottom to d/l!


  1. Give Up( did the artwork and screen printing for this. I have a copy as well on silver ink I believe. Good stuff. Hatred surge just released a split 12" with mammoth grinder that's already sold out! Argh didnt even get a copy!

  2. I knew the GIVE UP blog already, the guy does rad stuff no doubt about it, but I didn't know of a version with silver ink... pics or it didn't happen! if you wanna sell/trade it drop me a line!

    unfortunately... I missed the split 12" too...

  3. awesome post! check out Iron Lung photos at Jakarta 2011 :)