Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm on a little S.E.H.C. trip since a few days and noticed that I haven't posted anything from CHAIN OF STRENGTH yet. something that needs immediate correction as CHAIN OF STRENGTH are among the cream of the crop in case of all things S.E.H.C. as far as I'm concerned. I dare say that CHAIN OF STRENGTH 7" have been one of the most powerful S.E.H.C. bands of all time. both of their 7"es totally rip but I went for the 2nd one called WHAT HOLDS US APART as I think it's the better one. 4 tracks - no fillers! by the way there's a discography 12" out there that compiles both 7"es and 1 track that was either previously unreleased or on a compilation and that 12" has a really horrible sound compared to the originals as far as I remember! click the cover to download.


  1. The CD/LP bonussong was previously unreleased, and an okay effort.... there is also the Circle Storm record, which features songs written for the COS-album
    Btw: never saw this color pressing

    PS: do as all a favor and complete this Bands legacy with quality rips (there is alot of shitty ones out there), would be the first 7", the bonussong and the Generation Of Hope-contribution - with the legendary shout

  2. Ich besitze nur die Revelation LP, kann mich aber über den Sound nicht beschweren. Die 1. 7" war wirklich ein Killer ! Da können die Circle Storm Sachen nicht so ganz mithalten...

  3. @ Horizons:

    I don't have the discography 12" and their 1st 7" anymore. I sold the 12" cause of the shitty sound and traded away the 1st 7" years ago and only kept a boot of the 7". I still got the Generation Of Hope comp. though.

    @ Count Yorga:

    im direkten vergleich zu den 7"es is der sound scheisse. CIRCLE STORM hab ich noch nie gehört.