Thursday, March 17, 2011


I could finally snatch a cheap copy of the FOREVER compilation 7" on IRATE RECORDS and therefore decided to post it even though it has been posted on 1000 other blogs before. as a matter of fact this compilation is one of the exceptions to the rule that HARDCORE compilation 7"es have to suck but I only bought it to complete my CITIZENS ARREST collection though. I could never really get into BORN AGAINST but even their track on this 7" is quite good compared to their other stuff but it's still the weakest track here in my ears and while CITIZENS ARREST are totally out of their league anyway but they are no match for BURN, TURNING POINT or RORSCHACH neither. click the cover to download.


  1. it's one of the very few really good 7" comps. that exist

  2. The Born Against song is the only reason to own this comp. The rest of the songs do nothing for me. The Rorschach song is their worst recording. All of Citizen's Arrest best material is on their Colossus LP.

    Also, my pressing skips a ton.

    1. I think that CITIZENS ARREST's 7" is way better than their 12" even though their 12" totally rules..