Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've already posted the SIDE BY SIDE discography 12" ages ago but since I got myself another copy of their 7" some 15 years after I sold the first copy I had I thought I should post the 7" in spite of that as some people e.g. most likely haven't seen the original artwork yet and it's still one of the best S.E.H.C. records ever as far as I'm concerned. cheesy lyrics about friendship and unity plus great breakdowns, moshparts and singalong choruses - what more can you ask for? as this is a 3rd press it means there are at least 3 pressings of the SIDE BY SIDE 7" out there maybe more. click on the cover to download! password = mean.


  1. This is by far the best early Revelation-record, and together with the other recordings the best stuff to ever come out of this so-called Youth Crew.
    I highly recommend the WNYU-session, if somebody has a rip of that please post it here...
    I remember when I bought this 7" at the old Idiots-records shop in Dortmund for 5 Deutschmarks. I am old!

  2. just do a blog-search for the WNYU set in case you haven't d/l it yet...

  3. There used to be a Crucial Chaos blog with archive, but it appears to be down

  4. Side By Side were good because they never tried to be overly melodic or experimental and they just wrote solid, by the books hardcore. I always heard a Last Rights influence in them, too.