Tuesday, January 10, 2012


as you can see I was not only finally able to snatch a copy of HARMS WAY's IMPRISONED 7" I could even snatch one of the 167 copies on clear vinyl. well, while there's no doubt that this 7" is absolutely top notch music-wise as HARMS WAY's music is in general there's also no doubt that this 7" totally blows lyric-wise! as a matter of fact lyrics that deal with anything releated to S.E. are nearly always totally ridiculous but the lyrics on this 7" are beyond ridiculous. in case you don't believe me here's an example: one day a week / we get revenge / drunk mother fuckers / your time has come to an end / with weapons in hand / you'll feel our destruction / we will end your / alcoholic consumption now, tell me: isn't that absolutely fucking brilliant? isn't that true poetry? let me add that in spite of those lyrics their singer seemed to be a really friendly and inteligent guy when I talked to him face to face on the HARMS WAY European tour with NAILS and RISE ABOVE in 2010 plus he's not even looking half as impressive in person as the pics of him on the web and on their records lead you to believe!the password is mean!
edit: Michael Jackson was the cover-model on the test presses!


  1. this record is great.I prefer reality approaches though.funny I forgot that snyder from weekend nachos played bass for them.