Tuesday, January 31, 2012


as already announced a while ago here's DISCONNECTED's split tape / CD-R with UNDER ANCHOR. as you can see on the pics below the tapes are pro-dubbed and imprinted and come with a printed j-card. can't tell you if the poster-sized lyric sheet that came with my CD-R comes with the tape too though. let's start with UNDER ANCHOR. their side of the tape has 6 tracks of fast HARDCORE / PUNK with nice hoarse vocals. not bad but nothing that gets me really excited in spite of the facts that they got some really nice parts. let's continue with DISCONNECTED. depending on if we are talking about the tape version or the CD-R version you get 5 (tape) or 6 (CD-R) tracks of pissed off HARDCORE / PUNK with a metal edge and undeniable JAPCORE influences including a G.A.T.E.S. cover in either cases. click the cover above to download! the password is mean!

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