Monday, January 9, 2012


well, what could I probably say / write about POISON IDEA that hasn't been said / written before? not much? yup, that's right! cause of that I'll keep this post short. BLANK BLACKOUT VACANT is POISON IDEA's 4th full length which was released about 20 years ago in 1992 and has gems like PUNISH ME on it. click the cover to download! the password is mean.
the 1st press of this 12" came with this 2 track live 7" that has FEEL THE DARKNESS on side A and ALAN'S ON FIRE on side B. both tracks have been recorded live on KBOO on 09/10/1991. in case you ask yourself what the song ALAN'S ON FIRE is about, here's the explanation: this song called "Alan's On Fire", about this guy who my friend knew. He worked all his life for this company, he had a family, three kids who grew up and went to college. And he was treated like shit all the time, he was like a nonassuming person who was just used all his life. So one morning he invited his family over and they all had dinner, with their kids and everything. And there's Grandpa Alan, he's been pissed off all his life. And he makes them sit down at the table and have coffee with him, and Alan went in the backyard, sat down and poured a jug of gasoline over his head and ignited himself in front of his family! "So for once in my life I will be heard, you won't ignore me now, you've fucked me all my life, this time you're gonna pay attention." It's very powerful, so we wrote a song about it.

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  1. I've haven't heard much Poison Idea, but my friend posted a video of one of their other albums and it was brutal..I'm going to give this a listen. The title is dope. Thanks for the upload.