Monday, February 16, 2009


I've already written something about the ANb / INSECT WARFARE split 5" in an earlier post so I'll keep this one here short. I hadn't up-loaded/posted the music before cause you could still get the 5" then. but as it's sold out now and the guys from BROWNBROWN asked for a rip and as I had a rip I made for a friend anyway I decided to put it here too. you can get the tracks by clicking on the last pic!


  1. I saw one of the 100 clear ones go on e-Bay for 45 dollars. I fucking nerd raged all day I wanted it so bad.
    Good shit though.

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  3. I admit that I have more than 1 copy of the 5" but none of the clear ones and I honestly don't really want one... if I'd find one cheap by accident I'd take it but besides that... no, thanks! I know that being a record nerd is somehow childish but that's a little bit too much cause those 100 that weren't available to the public just for bands that are all called ebay as Rob said and where I 100% agree, don't sound any different to my blue, or my black, or my...

  4. I recently discovered your site and finally I'm able to get a lot of goodies than I can't afford since they're sold out. I wasn't used to download mp3 but now I do it if I have no alternative!

  5. The ANB side of this split is fucking killer.
    Then again, so is the Insect Warfare side.