Monday, December 1, 2008


some time ago Rob was told by his cat Cash to tell you that "Prowler in the Yard is the best fucking Pig Destroyer album ever". now Chabo told me to tell you that while he tends to agree on that PIG DESTROYER's new 12" NATASHA sucks big time! and just as Cash he probably knows more about fast music than you'll ever know so avoid that record like the plague! as much as the new PIG DESTROYER 12" sucks the AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED / INSECT WARFARE split 5" rules! well to be honest the 7 INSECT WARFARE tracks really rule while the 4 AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED tracks are good but not as good as their older stuff was! besides the nice Pushead-style artwork done by Flo once again mine came in blue and black vinyl! I tried to get some information on that 5" but it's not even mentioned on the RELAPSE page so I can't tell you to how many copies this is limited (hey it's released by RELAPSE on vinyl that means it is limited!) I've found the pressing information on ANb's myspace page I found a link to the RELAPSE page and there it says that the printrun of the 5" was 300 black, 300 blue, 300 red and 100 clear and it says: "clear is not available to the public please do not request clear!" why someone would release a record not available to the public is beyond my understanding!

as my divshare download limit is reached quite fast every month I've re-upped a lot of stuff that I still had ready-to-up on my HD and deleted the divshare files! but before I did that I looked what was downloaded the most and to my surprise the winner, with 1537 downloads (average number of downloads = 300 - 500 downloads), is:

*more re-ups till no fucking divshare link is left on my blog soon!*


  1. 5000? whoa, i think around 300-500 was max over at mine, but then that was some gigasize account and I never really kept an account or bothered to check...

    Anyway, I obviously agree with Chabo.

  2. Hahaha top notch posting.
    I have the natasha dvd when it came out as a bonus of the Terrifier Cd.
    Actually I bought the CD when it came out because of the bonus DVD.
    I heard the 5.1 DVD twice in my life because it´s so lame.

    We don´t have to talk about the Insect Nosebleed split. Awsome release. I like the IW more than the Nosebleedside as well.

    All hail the fastcore cats!

  3. Hah! I obviously meant 1537, not 5000. Must be something wrong with my keyboard!

  4. I never heard the 5.1 DVD as I never cared cause as you said what is 5.1 sound good for when the music is lame! well, as it's on relapse, on colored vinyl and ltd. to 1000 I'm quite sure I'll find someone who desperatly wants this record and will pay me big bucks on ebay to get it in some months!

    somehow I get the impression that ANb's haydays are over!

    Chabo asks if Cash has had an "operation snip and tie"?

  5. I can explain that: some dumb-ass metal blog used my upload...

  6. knowing a lot about fast music doesn't count when judging natasha, because it is slowww. so i suppose fans of fastness won't like it..

  7. Relapse probably gave the 100 clear copies to the bands for merch sales.

  8. i really dig natasha but this re-release is just a cash in ..will not buy the same record 2 times!

  9. @ Demogorgo:
    Yeah, bands called ebay...;-)

  10. Yeah, bands called ebay...;-)

    brilliant (stands up and applauds)!