Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I told you that NIGHTBRINGER are one of the best bands around at the moment at least once. well, now I told you twice! and even though the artwork above is from their brilliant demo this post is not about their demo - it's about their live recordings for the EQUALIZING DISTORT radioshow they did at the CIUT BASEMENT which gets frequently played at my place in spite of the fact that I hate livecuts in at least 95% of all cases. their myspace page says: "we play both kinds of rock'n'roll... fast & loud!" and I tend to agree with them. one part MOTÖRHEAD, one part BURNING SPIRIT HARDCORE, one part good old Iggy throw in a little bit of MC5 here and there and it should be pretty close to NIGHTBRINGER here. if you click on the pic on the bottom you'll get another livecut in one wav file!


  1. wow! killerstoff!!! wo bekommt man das demo her?
    gibt's da auch nen link? ansonsten tolle seite hier !!!

  2. I co-host the Equalizing Distort radio show, this was a pleasent surprise :)
    If you'd ever like any of our sessions from bands, I can send you anything from our catalogue. email me at sleepingwiththenewson@hotmail.com

  3. danke! danke!

    das demo gibts schon lang nicht mehr und da NIGHTBRINGER da nen anderen sänger hatten wollen sies auch nicht gepostet haben und da Andi mich gebeten hat es nicht zu tun halt ich mich daran ABER da die jungs demnächst ne LP am start haben kannst du dich dann ja mit der trösten.

    thanks for the offer I'll shoot you an e-mail!

  4. those dudes played in my basement when i lived in ypsilanti at the fortress of solid dudes. check out the first video on those dudes blogspot