Saturday, July 18, 2009


Dirty Girls = Eyehategod + Discharge + His Hero Is Gone I've had to re-write this review four times, goddammit, so you fuckers better appreciate it. California's Dirty Girls are the epitome of a "kick-ass-and-take-names-later" punk rock band. There are four songs on this 7", and the fucking thing is roughly five minutes long … five of the most absolutely punishing minutes I've ever experienced. While a lot of so-called "punk bands" these days are content with simply ripping off Black Flag, Tragedy, or any number of "Dis-" bands, Dirty Girls take the aggression of D-beat punk and meld it perfectly with the pain and grime of Eyehategod. The result is a release that gives a much-needed shot in the arm to a genre that should have been dead and buried 10 times over by now. Track it down. I obviously didn't have to re-write this for 4 times but I have nothing to add anyway!

edit: Chase Corum of PRIME DIRECTIVE told me that the 7" is still available and asked me to take down the link. I asked him to provide me with links where you can purchase the 7" which you should do as soon as I put up those links!

buy here, you won't regret it!

also up on i-tunes for download!


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