Saturday, July 18, 2009


it's early in the morning and I'm still assembling records, well actually I'm having a break at the moment which I thought I could spend doing a new post. I decided that it's finally about time I point you to another sweet New Zealand band which is called ROGERNOMIX and features 2 members of SHORTLIVED. Sarsha does what she also does in SHORTLIVED and plays bass and Sam who handles the vocals in SHORTLIVED plays guitar and handles 50% of the vocals while another woman handles the remaining 50%. dual vocals, especially if they are male/female, are always a plus in my book and therefore it's no wonder that I like their demo which was dubbed on a BACKSTREET BOYS tape in case of my copy. I got my copy from singer Sam when I met him in Vienna together with a CD that contains their new recordings (which are really sweet! way better than this demo which is quite good already!). the 8 track tape comes with a printed cover with the lyrics on it. click on the last pic to d/l! password = mean.


  1. non-related. thought you might enjoy this...

    altered beast. 2 man PV.

  2. The other singer is Tanya and the drums are handled by Ben from Smashin Off/The Wrongmen/Streetkunt. Great band made of great people. Great post.

  3. hey, excellent blog!!!
    i'm looking for a rip of the CORNERED 'this time' cd on 625.
    any info??