Saturday, July 18, 2009


this is DEAD STARE's 7 track demo tape released on DRUGGED CONSCIENCE. well, it's not really a demo tape as the 7 tracks were supposed to be released as an E.P. that somehow never saw the light of day and therefore the tracks ended up on this (pro-dubbed) tape. fast and angry HARDCORE - 7 tracks in less than 7 minutes. the only let down is that there are no lyrics included. as DEAD STARE have just recently released a split 7" with HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH one or two readers may already be familiar with them. in case you're not familiar with DEAD STARE let me tell you that you should download this here and check them out right now.


  1. Hey man I'm Mitch I play drums in this band. Thank you for posting! One day the band will get back together.. until then enjoy, only while high on grass and drunk off cheap malt liquor.

  2. Fuck yeah, the band approves of any and all drug use nigga!

  3. not that I'd have much experience in that field but I don't think they sound like they'd use much heroin or any other downers similar to that garbage?