Saturday, December 19, 2009


someone I know needs money and sells some records - some real gems among them! get them while you can!

Cro-Mags 10" 1st pressing (737/1500)
Integrity "in contrast of sin" 7" 1st pressing
Integrity "change/thaw"-Septic Death-Karaoke 7"
Integrity/Psywarfare Picture-7"
Integrity/Lockweld 7"
Integrity/Mayday 7" 1st pressing/white vinyl
Psywarfare "holocaust angel" 7"
Mayday "staplegun" 10" marble-blue vinyl
Mayday "the underdark" 7"
Mayday "lost in sabbath" 7"
Apartment 213 "vacancy" 7"
V/A "only the strong" 7" (w/ Integrity, Face Value, Confront, Meanstreak, Life Cycle, Insight) 1st pressing, blue vinyl
Face Value "coming of age" 7"
Ringworm/Terror 7" clear vinyl
Head First "back in control" 7"
Head First "intervention/black" 7"
Head First "intervention/come together" 7" (393/550)
Hard Stance "face reality" 7"
Alone i a crowd 7" 2nd pressing
Unbroken "absentee debate/crushed on you" 7"
Ink And Dagger "love is dead" 7" white vinyl
Verbal Assault "tiny giants/more than music" 7"
ABC diabolo 1st 7"
Luzifers Mob 7"
Golgatha 7"
Iron Skull/Born from Pain Split-7"

please get in contact by email:

YOU name what you are willing to pay first -
I'll tell you what I think about it!

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