Tuesday, December 29, 2009


here you get down under's top notch thrashers EXTORTION sold out split 7" with JED WHITEY. I saw that on some other posts already but as I like it I decided to post it nevertheless. why does mine have 2 different covers you might ask? well, cause mine is one of the 150 that came exclusive with an issue of Australia's DISTORT zine to the subscribers. in case you don't know the zine let me suggest you check it out as it's one of the best zines around. music-wise you get 5 new slashers from EXTORTION incl. a cover of BLACK FLAG's FIX ME and 2 more PUNK sounding tracks from JED WHITEY.

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  1. Probably my fave band of this decade. Although these songs aren't new, they are outtakes from the "s/t" ep recording session (best Extortion material imho).