Sunday, April 10, 2011


I got another quick post for you: THE WORLD ITSELF IS A BAD DREAM which is a totally rad tape compilation with 8 tracks from BAD YEAR, DEAD STARE, DURESS, NAZI DUST, PANZRAM and RATIONAL ANIMALS which run 8 minutes altogether and way more more important are all enjoyable. John Fahy, who not only runs HUMAN CRUSH RECORDINGS but is also a columnist for MRR and plays in PANZRAM and MERKIT if I'm not mistaken was not only kind enough to look around to get a copy for me after it was officially sold out I also got the comp. tape and the PANZRAM demo for only $ 8 incl. shipping from him even though the THE WORLD ITSELF IS A BAD DREAM tape alone would've scored way more on ebay back then. as most releases of NAZI DUST, DEAD STARE and DURESS can be found on a lot of blogs no, wait on nearly every blog is closer to home. every blog that is related to HARDCORE and/or PUNK somehow that is (in case of DEAD STARE incl. this one here too) and as I, as already mentioned before, have uploaded PANZRAM's 31614 demo I guess I don't have to tell you more. considering the fact that the compilation also has already been posted on other blogs before too I probably should have written" I know" instead of I guess. the password is mean.

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