Monday, April 11, 2011


I hereby admit that I made this rip from a CD-R that I got from a friend even though I've not only 1 but 2 physical copies of this 7" cause THOUSANDSWILLDIE's A CARCASS IS ONLY DEAD ONCE 7" contains 25 tracks of fierce GRINDCORE some only as short as 6 seconds which means that ripping it from the vinyl would have been a pain in the ass. as I don't know anything about them I've to keep it short. the cover you can see above is the cover of the ltd. "SPEED TRIALS 2008" edition while the cover below is the regular one. click the last picture to download! password = mean.



    the band has split up in 2010. i ordered some shit (shirt, patch, demo) from them in april 2008 and got it in the beginning of 2009 after about 100 emails...

  2. danke für die info!

    hast du evtl. die 12 tracks aus dem link in den kommentaren zu deinem post? hab keine lust mich da extra anzumelden.

  3. Muss mal gucken, ob ich die gebrannt habe. Seit einem externen Festplattencrash ist sehr sehr vieles weg :-(

  4. Damn, you're good. Very reliable. Thanks.

  5. at your service!

    thanks for the kind comment!